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By | August 20, 2018
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There is a good time to go overboard with the wishes and wishes of weddings in India.

It’s a drink, or a dance tilt, or just dressing, you’re on top of it all the way. If you have ever gone for a big fat Indian wedding, then you will easily find the laws of attraction there. If this is the second or third cousin, then stay away! If he is on the opposite side of the party, then strengthen your game! It seems that in addition to dressing up to look like a wedding, women wear a dress seen by men in subconsciously, because of course, the opportunity calls for it! So man, if you ever have a In the case of big fancy marriage, and some women are looking to talk or flirt, there are some to follow through some Dos and Don and Shada decorations. You just can not go, you are starting to beat every woman you see! It’s just bizarre and unacceptable.

So, here are some tips for talking to those beautiful women in the weddings, without feeling weird and without being weird!
Do not go too drunk

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Yes, alcohol you breathe everywhere. This is a big fancy Indian marriage and unless the families have any problems with alcohol, it is probably more prevalent than some of India’s drafts. But this does not mean that you drink whole fountains! It is very good when you are intoxicants, it reduces your barrier, not too much into alcohol. Maybe you can present the woman you are crushing on a drink and giving your company with your drink? In this way you drink with him and you do not go to the ship!

Ps: Do not even get drunk! For another time in the reserve, when he wants to go out to drink honestly and have a fun evening with you.
Do not Be a Cliché

Women look beautiful in marriage, so do not start with ‘O, look beautiful’ or any other thing! Proper conversation or ‘Hi, are you enjoying yourself’ and start anywhere under the line, tell him that he looks beautiful. Of course, all women want to know that they look very beautiful, just do not start with that!

Make her comfortable

You can find someone who likes you who may not know anyone except the groom or the bride. If you are talking to him, then make sure that you keep his company and do not make it weird, because it looks strange. Have some fun with her and introduce her to the people, so she can also talk to them. Do not kill him at random and go away, if you do this then he will feel very weird.

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