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By | August 7, 2018
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Report to Google if you want to earn 64,000 at home
Google has given a new choice for security experts. Google has introduced a bug-end program. This program has started to make Android devices even more secure. In fact, now hackers or security researchers are being offered a chance to find an error in the Google Play store.

Google has named this program as Google Play Security Reward. According to Hackers and Security Riches, developers will work on finding and fixing bugs with Android apps developers. For this, Google will reward 1,000 dollars (Rs. 64,000).

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Google said that the purpose of this program is to increase the App Security which will prove beneficial for developers. Not only this, it will also be very beneficial for the Android users and Google Play ecosystem.

It is worth noting that Google has partnered with BugTree platform HackerOne for this, which will manage it. Let’s tell you that HackerOne is a platform. Which works to combine business and cyber security ritchers.

And it’s such a big cyber security platform.

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