Girls do not tell anyone these “secrets”

By | August 3, 2018
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Girls do not tell anyone these “secrets”

Boys problem
“I do not understand what goes on in your mind, which of my questions you get annoyed and satisfied with which answer, I do not know till today. 5 years have passed our relationship, despite living together for five years, I feel that I did not understand you even 10%. Whatever you have to say openly say, what is in your heart, what is going on in the brain, I can not know without your words. ”

Girls love
You must have thought of reading the lines of the previous slides as someone wrote about your own heart. What do you think, all these things happen only between you and your wife?

Basic Nature
Absolutely not, no girl likes to understand how much she is different from others, but her basic nature is almost the same. They want a lot from their partner but their habit is not meant to talk to them. They think that if their partner loves them they will understand themselves.

home work
Your point here is also right, without saying how you can understand their point. You are not too intermediate But if they sit down to explain this, they will get more involved in their talk, so it is better that you complete your own homework

His praise
Your girlfriends or wife can be bold and free, she can be self-sufficient, but if she is a woman then she is not. It is a strange hobby for women to say their praises, especially those who are very special to them, as if you Do not say it to you, but if she is wearing a new dress, managing the responsibilities of the house, or has succeeded in any new work, she wants you to understand and appreciate her.

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Even then everyone can keep their own attention, who works outside the house, is related to new people throughout the day, it is not like he himself can not take care of himself. But it is the desire of women that their male partners take care of every step, every difficulty, care for them.

Romance needs
Yes, there are many issues of life where women want to be dependent on their own husband or boyfriend. She herself wants her husband to do her dynamics, but if you are becoming a dynaming neighbor in every case, then your wife will not like it at all.

If you have any suggestions, then just give it to them just like suggestions, if you order them on everything, then things will never be able to happen.

Gentlemen are like
Women should have every aspect of their partner. He wants his companions to appear in a Wellmanard manner with him. For them the inner courtesy of you is a great feature. This etiquette should be presented not only in front of them but also in front of other people.

Women can work more than one at a time, so they also want their companion to be multi-tasker. These excuses will not work at all in front of them that I can not do two things at a time.

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