Google News App: World Organizations

By | July 8, 2018
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Google News App: World Organizations

Your Top 5 Stories Now, featuring global news, local coverage, and breaking of the latest things. Google News organizes what’s happening in the world. Full coverage gives you a comprehensive view of analysis on news stories, timeline of important events, social comment, etc.
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With Google News, you will see:

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Your briefing: It can be almost impossible with your briefing, know easily what is important and relevant to you. You can learn the top five stories, including local, national and world content.
Full coverage: Understand the full context Google News gives you everything about a story online and organizes it for you – at a time between different perspectives, important events, frequently asked questions, important people and others Cast light on.

Trusted Source: Find quality content from a different set of trusted publishers and searches.

Stories, for you: Whether it is sports, politics, business, technology, or even weather, with what is happening with regard to those topics.

Subscribe to Google: That’s why, with the same tap, you can easily subscribe to newspapers and magazines that you like.

Download App: Click Here

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