How to create your name GIF image online

By | June 25, 2018
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Hello Today, let me tell you how to create a GIF file with text and photo of his name. Using and website you can easily create your name or company logo. There are many websites available to create GIF logo but we are going to share about this two website using that you can create very easily GIF logo.

Create GIF using website

Step 1: Search on google and click on this website.

Step 2: Your Text Enter Your Name.

Step 3: Choose Your Effect Anyone Like You.

Step 4: If you have to make your name smaller or larger then click on More Option.

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Step 5: Then click on Create My Text GIF.

Step 6: Then click on Choose Your Picture and select your photo.

Step 7: Then click on Download.

Step 8: Then go to your mobile phone and it will be ready to be your GIF file.

Create GIF using website

Step 1: Search on google and click on this website.

Step 2: Enter your name or logo and then click on Get Started button.

Step 3: Now Choose your logo. To choose your logo to click any logo that you’re liked.

Step 4: After select logo, you have two option edit logo or done. Select appropriate option according to your requirement and download GIF file.

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