If you have forgotten the password of smartphone, do not be afraid, do unlock

By | June 20, 2018
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If you have forgotten the password of smartphone, do not be afraid, do unlock
Today’s smartphone user has to remember many passwords. In such a way, forgetting passwords is a common practice. This is the same with the password / PIN / pattern in the phone. It is often done that the user sets up a password / pin / pattern for his phone in haste but forgets later. The user gets in trouble and at such times remembering very deeply does not even come to mind.
If you too are afraid of such a problem then this article is just for you. We are going to give you information that will help you unlock lock phones. There is no need to fear if the phone is locked in today’s time because the phone can be unlocked easily.
Unlocking the previous Android device would have made it a bit difficult, but now Google has made all the hassles easy. It’s so easy to unlock the phone with the help of Google Device Manager that you will not be able to believe. Let’s tell you the steps.
Do such unlock

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First of all activate your phone’s internet connection. Without the Internet, you will not be able to unlock the phone. Also, it is important that the location is also turned on.
Now you can search Google Device Manager on another device. Go to the top link at the top.
You now have to login with Google account. Keep in mind that log in with the same Google Account that is linked to the locked device.

After this you have to select Lock option in Android Device Manager. After clicking on it the phone will be unlocked. Now you can set a new password / pin / pattern.

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