Priyanka's Engagement Ring Pics Viral, Shocked by the Show Off, Will Be Shocked

By | August 18, 2018
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Priyanka’s Engagement Ring Pics Viral, Shocked by the Show Off, Will Be Shocked

Tell that the news was coming also that Priyanka had come to India with Nick Jonas on her birthday when she had engaged. These pictures are also being told as well. On the other hand, these pictures are being viral once again after Ali Zafar’s shocking revelations. In these pictures, Priyanka is seen wearing a ring of engagement ring in the ring finger. In the same picture, they are also seen flipping it in front of the media.

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Recently, actress Priyanka Chopra has been in tremendous headlines. He has left the film of Salman Khan. This information has been given by the director of the movie Ali Abbas Zafar posted on social media and along with that he has also given a big hint to Priyanka’s marriage. After that, the news is going viral in many ways about Priyanka leaving the film. Meanwhile, some of his photographs are also being viral in which he is reportedly showing his engagement ring.
It is believed that Priyanka Chopra is likely to get married this year. At the same time, Priyanka Chopra can soon make an official announcement about her engagement and marriage too. It is a matter of surprise that both of them have a long way to go. Priyanka Chopra is about 10 years older than Nick Jonas. See further your Engagement ring flown Priyanka’s Shocking Photos-
These visible rings are old photos that are now getting viral again. In which Priyanka looks like their Engagement ring flown in this way.

It was news to everyone that what was the news of their engagement in the media became viral.

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