This app will not let you finish your smartphone's battery

By | August 20, 2018
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This app will not let you finish your smartphone’s battery
The biggest problem for users using smartphone is battery backup. Mobile manufacturer companies are also offering powerful batteries and fast charging in their phones. If you are too disturbed with the discharge of your phone’s battery, then this news is for your work. To increase battery life of smartphones, app developers have developed a novel smartphone app, which can help extend the battery life by 20-25 percent.
These developers have now downloaded this app to more than 200 smartphones, which were found to be capable of increasing the battery life from 20 to 25 percent. Researchers believe that the Android operating system gives users a built-in multi-window feature similar to a laptop. Because of this, users use the operating system in smartphones by opening multiple files simultaneously, just like a laptop, due to which the consumption of batteries increases. Developer said about this new app that we have developed an app that reduces the brightness of non-critical apps, which increases battery life.

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Generally speaking, when you leave the battery of your smartphone full and without using it, you will see that the battery discharges the next day. The reason for this is that even if you do not use the phone, some programs are running in its background, which reduces the battery of the phone. At the same time, due to excessive energy the phone starts to heat up and the battery becomes discharged. With this, the battery of the smartphones is not able to run completely according to its time and users can see the problem of the battery. However, the research is currently underway with this app and it will soon be made available on Google Play Store

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